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Frequently Asked Questions


APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate which shows the overall cost of credit as an annual rate of charge.
It includes interest, charges and any other costs involved in getting credit, making it easy to compare loans across the lenders.
Representative APR are advertised as the rate which lenders must give to the majority of their accepted customers within the promoted tier.

You can take a loan (be it a personal loan or a homeowner loan) for a variety of reasons. Maybe you would like to upgrade your kitchen and do not have the funds or maybe you would like to consolidate all your debts into one monthly repayment, a loan home improvement loan or a debt consolidation would be ideal, respectively.

Most loan lenders have a different criteria to one another as to whether they will be giving you a loan with a low APR rate. The factors vary considerably, some lenders may look into your previous debt paying history and find out whether you pay your bills on time, while others lenders will also look at whether or not you are able to afford the monthly repayments. As a rule of thumb, those who have an excellent credit history, will most likely be provided with a lower APR loan than say an individual with a not so perfect credit history. Homeowners are also likely to get lower APR rates than non homeowners, if you are unable to repay your debts, lenders may reposess your home, whereas if you do not own your home it is riskier for lenders to lend to you and consequently you will get a higher APR rate on your personal loan.

Some lenders may credit check you to ensure you are able to afford repayments on your loan, should they provide you with one.

Some lenders allow their customers to repay back the loan early than the originally agreed period (usually 5 years), however some may charge an early repayment fee. It is worth checking on your loan documentation whether this is something that your lender allows you to do.

Our UK lenders require customers to be resident in the United Kingdom and be over 18 years of age.

Most UK loan lenders do not provide repayment holidays. (It is worth enquiring, if this is something you are interested in.) Instead your first loan monthly repayment is due usually a month after your receive the borrowed funds from the lender.

Secured loans mean that your loan is secured in your home, which means that if you are unable to make repayments your home may be reposessed. Compared to a personal loan, you will be allowed to borrow more than the £25,000, most lenders limit on personal loans.

Not only can we help getting you a loan over of £25,000, but you will be given very competitive APR rates on your homeowner loan, if you are a homeowner. In case you are not a homeowner, this will be difficult.

Different loan lenders have differing criteria as to who they want to lend money to. We have heard reports that people with impeccable credit history being refused a loan from elsewhere.
We work with a wide variety of lenders who will, in most cases, accept your loan application, whatever your credit history is and provide you with a competitive APR rate.